Kabir Saamagri 

A toolkit for personal transformation

About Kabir

Kabir lived in the 15th century in central India. He was a mystic weaver poet. He may have lived up to a ripe age of 100 or more. He lived a simple life and shared his wisdom at the crossroads of the market place.
He raised his voice to question the social norms causing political divides and inhuman practices within communities. Through the poetry, he awakened people to their divinity and the inherent inter-connectedness in society.  His direct perception, keen observations and experiential common sense make me see him as a ‘Spiritual Scientist’.

His wisdom thrives in India through oral traditions and community gatherings – satsangs’. Even now it spreads far and wide through folk music, folk lore, folk art, theatre and historical references in text books and research papers.

About Kabir Saamagri

Kabir Saamagri is a tool kit to explore and reflect upon the wisdom of Kabir to delve deeper into our human experience at an internal and external family, community and societal level. It supports our inner journey to our divine essential self resulting in personal transformation. The tool kit has 44 Insight cards illustrated in Warli Art and accompanied by Malwa Folk Music a personal reflection journal and translations in English. It is a tool-kit to celebrate the Mystic within each one of us. 
I welcome you to receive this offering that empowers you to weave a fine fabric of the wrap and weft of your thoughts and feelings that forms your own unique lived experience. May this journey reconnect you with your “Poorna’ self – your Authentic Self. Reach out to book a time-space for an  initial guidance on how to use this resource. 

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Introduction to the wisdom of Kabir,

the mystic weaver, poet

Explorations with Kabir Saamagri


The wisdom of Kabir calls me to connect with my deeper, authentic self. Who am I? What do I long for? What are my inner resources that I have available to me to live a fuller life. How could I explore my fears and conditioning that trap me into functioning as a smaller self. What would it take to find the source of my being? Listening to Kabir, I find my ”Poorna” Self the Higher Self and the experience nurtures me. I learn to accept myself as I am and let go of the voice that ”I am not good enough”.With the wisdom of Kabir we have the options of processes that teach us Compassion, Empathy, Gratitudde, Forgiveness and Mourning. We show up as a Human Being in service of our spiritual evolution.


What would Kabir do in your role, your leadership, your power with people whom you work with? Let us listen deeply to our choices and habitual patterns at work to understand our inner motivations. Are we functioning from fear or care? Is there a stress or burden of responsibility or is there a sense of responsibility as – ”an ability to respond”? What is your dilema about? What are the new choices that are available to you if you connect with the opportunity in which moment? Let Kabir guide you to the depth of your being. May be you will show up in the ”market place” of the world with radical authenticity and a sense of accountability to the WE. 


Once we shift from our ”Doing” self to the ”Being” energy, the pace of life changes. The canvas of impact expands in width and depth. We can truly be the change we wish to see in our world. Kabir, the spiritual scientist in my opinion is easy to connect to in the complex realities of our current times. The relevance of his timeless wisdom and humane experience is critical to our survival as a humane society. Listening to the music, exploring the art and the poetry of Kabir, we open up the inner corners of our mind and heart which are otherwise not available to us. With the authentic connection to our divinity, we see a glimpse of ourselves in all. Then there is no ”Other’. All are mine and I belong to all.